Sherry’s Apt.

Thank you to Sherry for fitting me into her busy weekend schedule. Sherry, immediately upon me entering her apartment, had me pull the lever on a toy with “Jackpot” written on the front. Once the lever was pulled, a spray of water hit my face and then she giggled about the trick she’d played on me. Oh, and she’s been my employer for the last few years. The cops in San Francisco all think she is my mother and I have to constantly correct them. They are shocked and amazed when I say no she’s not my mom, just my boss.

Sherry grew up in New Jersey, has been in San Francisco for the last 35 years and spent a good chunk of time living in India. It was quite a task to get her to stop moving long enough for me to take a picture. She gave me a gift upon leaving and then ran off for a meeting.

The photos can be viewed individually here-  Sherry’s Apt.

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