Kristie’s House

Thanks to Kristie for having me and a few people over for some photos. We did have to take a break mid-way through for beer and bloodies. And all that food… I’ve known Kristie for close to 15 years and she has put up with me as a friend for all those years, so you know that’s saying something about her. She is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and it’s where she makes her home. Kristie introduced me to some pretty cool ladies who I will be featuring in upcoming posts.

The photos can be view larger here:  Kristie’s House

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1 Response to Kristie’s House

  1. kristie says:

    thanks for taking such great photos, thanks for making me clean the place up (except that pesky stove…), thanks for for all the food and hangout time, and mostly, thanks for the 15 years of friendship. love you, girl.

    also, just a quick mention of a couple of my amazingly talented friends who made some of the artwork seen in these photos:
    kathryn hunter of blackbird letterpress –
    gwen aucoin –!/pages/Lafayette-LA/Gwen-Aucoin-Photography/49330174315

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