Ogden Museum- New Orleans, LA

On the final day of my most recent trip home,  I visited what quickly became one of my favorite museums the Ogden. After breakfast and the obligatory last morning of vacation stop at Lafitte’s; Kristie, Jason and I headed over. The museum displays work from self-taught artists along with art and photography from well known, formally trained Southern artists. While the skies darkened and the rain began, we slowly rambled through the galleries, losing and finding one another, reconnecting with whispers and suggestions. Why we were whispering I don’t know since there were only two other people in the museum, but there’s something hushing about seeing art that takes you beyond your own place and time. Each room presented a range of subjects including rural life, slavery, race relations, sexuality, religion and nature. Check out Kristie’s blog entry about photographer Jack Spenser, whose works were on display that day.

Benny Andrews

John McCrady

William Dunlap

One of the exhibits I found most interesting was the “Self-taught, Outsider, and Visionary Art from the collections of Alexa Kleinbard and Jim Roche.” It contained paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and found art.

All the photos from that day can be seen here.

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1 Response to Ogden Museum- New Orleans, LA

  1. kristie says:

    Love this entry! Photos look great, and I love the way you arranged them! The detail on the Bartlett painting is amazing. I can’t get enough of that thing. Have you seen any of his other stuff? Something about the light in them is mesmerizing.. http://www.bobartlett.com/

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